4PM, Sun May 26, 2019 Show

  • Dress Rehearsal is at the River Run Centre on Sunday, May 26 at 10:30am -2pm. 
  • If you miss rehearsal you forfeit performing in the shows.  See Terms & Conditions. 
  • Dress Rehearsal and Show Order are the same.
  • PDA reserves the right to amend the dress rehearsal and show order as necessary.
  • Dancers should arrive for their show at the River Run by 3:30pm on Sunday, May 26, 2019.  
  • All dancers age 8 and under require a Personal Assistant in order to participate. 

Please view this document to see if your dancer is in the 4pm show.  

4pm Sunday, May 26 Show Participants by Class
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Q: Where do I go backstage when I am not performing?


A: If you are a girl under age 8 and have no costume changes you will be waiting with your Personal Assistant  in the Co-operator's Hall when not performing.


Q: I am 7 years old but I have three costume changes - where do I go?


A: You will wait in the Co-operator's Hall with your PA and she will bring you to a specially designated change room for children younger than 8 years old to do your costume changes and then bring you back to the hall.


Q: I am 13 years old but I don't have any costume changes - where do I go?


A: All dancers over the age of 8 who have no costume changes will remain in the Co-operator's Hall.  You can help the Personal Assistants take care of the little ones if you like.


Q: I am 11 years old and I have two costume changes - will I have a dressing room?


A: Yes, all dancers over the age of 8 who have costume changes will have a designated dressing room.  At dress rehearsal check to see which dressing room door has your name on it - that is your room for the entire day. 


Q: Where do the boys change?


A: There is a change-room designated for boys only.  


Q: I am 16 years old but I have four costume changes so I need a Personal Assistant - can she come with me to my dressing room?


A: Definitely!  We encourage all dancers over age 10 to have a Personal Assistant if they have multiple costume changes.