When: Saturday May 25th & Sunday May 26th, 2019

Where: The River Run Centre (Map)

Tentative Schedule:


Show #1: Saturday May 25th 3:00pm

Show #2: Saturday  May 25th 6:30pm

Show #3: Sunday May 26th 4pm


Show Policies

Participation in our year-end Performance at the River Run Centre is optional, but highly recommended for all students. 


Performances Policies:

  • Participation is optional
  • Require a costume 
  • Require excellent attendance
  • Dancers who miss multiple lessons (consecutively or cumulatively) may forfeit their performance if the lessons are not made up prior to the shows.  Private Lessons
  • Dancers who miss their dress rehearsal forfeit performing in the show(s). 
  • Accounts must be in good standing.
  • Dancers age 8 and under are required to have a Personal Assistant in order to participate in the show. 
  • PDA reserves the right to deny registration to any dancer leaving a performance or dress rehearsal before dismissal or for failing to exercise self-discipline during a rehearsal or show.