Use the files above to find out which show(s) your dancer will be participating in. 


Please note that the Finding Your Show document is a tentative schedule - PDA reserves the right

to make changes until costumes are ordered.  


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Q: "I see there are three shows - does my child dance in all of them?"  


A:  Most children will be in only one show.


We also try our utmost to schedule siblings in the same show.


Some children study multiple subjects - ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, acro, hip hop and so on - the more your child dances the more the likelihood increases that they will perform in more than one show.


When setting show schedules we do our best to try to fit all their subjects into one show but sometimes this is not possible.  


If your child had a piano recital, a soccer game and a play it would be nearly impossible to fit all these activities into one or two hours on the same day with one ticket.


It's extremely difficult to fit two ballet dances, 2 acro dances, 2 hip hop dances for example, for the same child into one show because there are 100 or more other children in the same show who are also studying multiple subjects.  


Most of the time dancers performing in more than one show love it! They feel like a professional dancer!