Valentina is a second year U of Guelph student who enjoys studying Physical Education, English and the Sciences. 


Valentina is thrilled to be teaching again this year.  This is her ninth year at PDA and she loves all of her classes including ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, pointe and acro.


Valentina is very excited to be a teacher for her 5th year at PDA as she can pursue her love of dance and inspire others to share her passion.  



For the past three years, Valentina has been assisting in acro, jazz, ballet and tap classes and is looking forward to teaching ACRO this year again.  


Valentina is a competitive and committed dancer who always strives to do her best. Her passion and love for dance shines through in all of her performances and relationships with her teammates which includes her little sister Chiara.  She has attended many competitions and workshops over her thirteen years of competing and has received various overall awards and scholarships.

Valentina is extremely proud to be a part of the PDA family and feels very fortunate to have such inspiring choreographers, fellow classmates and teachers as role models.  

Flying High!
Flying High!

October 6, 2013 JUMP! convention scholarship winner!