Terms and Conditions of Enrollment


Dress Code


Students who do not meet our basic dress code and/or grooming requirements may observe classes only.


There is no refund for classes missed due to inappropriate dress/grooming.


Please refer to PDA’s “dress code and hairstyles” for more information. 





Performance participation is open to all and is optional. 


There are no refunds for ordered costumes or tickets. 


Dancers who do not have dress code shoes or whose accounts are in arrears or whose costume balance is owing  will be unable to take their performance costume home until the issues have been satisfactorily resolved.  


All participants ages 3-8 must provide their own Personal Assistant (babysitter) for both the dress rehearsal and performance.


In fairness to your classmates, recital participants who miss three consecutive lessons in April and/or May must book private classes to catch up on missed choreography.  Failure to do so may result in forfeiting your performance with no refund of tuition  and costume fees.  


Poor attendance may result in the forfeiture of performing even when the absences are not consecutive. 





PDA accepts Post-dated Installment Cheques or Pre-Authorized Credit Card Installments (Visa/MasterCard).  


In person quarterly debit and cash payments have a different fee schedule - please contact our office. 



Quarterly In Person Payments


If you choose to pay in person at each quarter instead of providing a pre-authorized credit card or post-dated cheques there is an additional $60 administrative fee.  




Class Changes & Cancellations


PDA reserves the right to make schedule changes as necessary or to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment: including but not limited to: Private Lessons, Regular season classes, Summer Dance Camps, Summer Vibe Series, Summer Sweat, Acro Intensive and workshops. 

If a class is cancelled and there is no replacement class you are able to attend, you will receive a refund less fees pro-rated for classes taken. 

Missed Classes: Fees for missed classes (illness, vacation, etc) are non-refundable. 


Free make-up lessons are available at the dancer's own level.  Dancers must contact the office to arrange to attend a make-up lesson.  

Students wishing to make a class change must first obtain approval from the Director.  Please notify your Instructor before taking a make-up class. 


Private Lesson Cancellation Fee


If a private lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the lesson 50% of the fee will be retained.  



Withdrawal Policy


PDA reserves the right to suspend classes from students whose accounts are delinquent.  Should a student wish to discontinue classes for any reason before the end of a session, the school requires written notification of withdrawal signed by the parent/guardian or adult student. 


Tuition fees remain payable until written notice is received. Telling your instructor or not attending classes will not be accepted in lieu of written notification. 


Withdrawal Fees


Withdrawal Fees of $50 apply to the first class withdrawn by the student and $25 per each subsequent class;  withdrawal fees of $30 apply to Pre-Dance classes.  


No refunds from February 2019-June 2019. 

There are no refunds for any reason from February 1 to June 1.  All outstanding tuition/costume fees due from February 1-June 1, must be paid upon withdrawal in addition to the withdrawal fees.  


Registration Fees:


Registration Fees are non-refundable.  

Fees have been $20 since 2006.  


NSF Fees


$40 charge applies for each NSF cheque.  Certified Cheque or Cash is required to replace NSF Cheques. 





PDA and its staff cannot be held responsible for any damages, losses or personal injury arising while you or your child(ren) attend classes on the premises.  Dancers must meet the minimum age requirements.  Dance instruction requires that the dancers are physically capable of moving, capable of following instructions and communicating.  PDA reserves the right to request that students who do not participate in class, are habitually late or habitually in violation of the dress code or other school rules, withdraw from the Academy.  All dancers must be physically capable to participate without danger to themselves or others.  All dancers must be toilet-trained.  Prohibited are jewelry, chewing gum, perfume/cologne, snacks with peanuts, nuts or nut products, offensive language or innuendo on clothing.  Behaviour deemed Inappropriate by PDA may result in expulsion with no refund of tuition.