Dancewear & Hair

Dancer Hair

  •  If your bangs fall below your eyebrows; if your ponytail swings into your face; if your hair touches your shoulders it must be secured by headbands or clips and put into a bun.
  • Hair too long to wear down but too short for a bun?  You may wear a Ponytail. 
  • Hair too short for a ponytail it must be worn half up, half down with clips and/or a head band to hold loose pieces

Dance Shoes

Dance shoes need to be properly fitted - please visit a dance store for shoe purchases.

Ill-fitting, cheap, low-quality shoes may actually hinder your progress. Review individual class requirements for the required shoes.


Shoes listed are the style and colour that will be required for your dancers recital performances. We highly suggest beginning the season in the required shoes/shoe colour to prevent purchasing a new pair in the correct style/colour at the end of the season.


**Please note dancers will not be permitted to dance in stocking feet if shoes are forgotten**

Dancewear Stores

Freestyle Dancewear is conveniently located in Guelph in the Grange Plaza north of Highway 7 (York Road) and Victoria.  Just 10 minutes from the studio.  They carry all our required shoes and dancewear. 

 Inspirations 180 St. Leger Street in Kitchener also has a very large selection of dancewear and shoes.

FreeStyle Dancewear in Guelph and Inspirations in Kitchener have our entire Dress Code on file.