Ballet & Pointe

Progressive and comprehensive training based on the Vaganova syllabus. Develops poise, strength and agility. Ballet is recommended as the foundation for excelling in all other dance forms and sports. 


Ballet Level 12 may require a skill assessment. 


We offer ballet exams to levels 2-12 through the American Academy of Ballet (see below).


Pointe is by invitation only for girls 12 and up.   





Ballet Exams

Tutu Cute!
Tutu Cute!


Ballet Performance Awards are tentatively scheduled for June 2018.


Performance Awards are open to all ballet students who would like the opportunity to be independently assessed.  


Medal and certificate presentations are on the same day as the exam which is performed in front of a live audience and the adjudicator.  


More about the Performance Awards:


Stimulated by the desire to improve their performance, students make exceptional progress.


A challenge for the students to excel.

  • Every student is acknowledged with a medal and certificate.
  • The solo dances enhance technique and performance quality.
  • Parents have the opportunity to see their children dance on their own, in an environment that is not competitive.
  • Maintain interest and enthusiasm over a period of years as the students progress from level to level.