We loved the shows!!

Miss Teresa,
Thank you for a great year. K is still enthusiastic about learning to dance and still dreams of being a ballerina. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you gave her by offering her the scholarship. It made a difference and helped us to be able sign her up for tap, which she also really enjoyed. I also wanted to say that I think you do a good job at hiring teachers for the young girls. Miss Leah, Miss Valentina and Miss Chiara were such wonderful teachers as well as beautiful dancers. They are patient, friendly and their love for what they do is easy to see. The teachers who filled in during competition weeks were also wonderful. I think it makes a big difference in how the young dancers feel about dance classes. 
I want to pass along my parents comments as well. My mother was a dancer and dance instructor, and I think she has a fairly critical eye when it comes to dancers. After the show she asked about the two girls that looked like twins, Miss Valentina and Miss Chiara. She was impressed by their foot work and how beautifully they dance. Both she and my dad were impressed with the shows. (We saw the matinee and afternoon shows.) My dad was especially impressed with how nicely everything flowed and how organized it was. 
K is already asking to sign up for classes again. I think she would be happy to keep going all summer. So we are looking forward to the next dance season. In the mean time we hope you all have a great summer.


Hi Miss Teresa, 


Just wanted to give you and the team at PDA a huge shout out for another wonderful recital. We were at the 1:30 pm show and enjoyed every second! I'm sure it was an emotional day for you....you had us in tears! But the joy and love for the studio, teachers, dancers, etc was soo evident. How lucky we are to be a part of that.  It would be wonderful to see our little girl there one day with her 10 year medal!  She absolutely loves dance and loves coming to PDA....she adores Miss Emily and I'm so glad to see she is there again next year. 


 Thanks again for a fantastic year and we look forward to camp in July and dancing again in September! Enjoy your summer.



Hi Miss Teresa, 


I just wanted to say what a great show you and the crew put on this past Sunday.  My girls were in the 4:00 show and everything went off without a hitch, and the show was awesome!!  




Miss Teresa, Miss Jennifer, and PDA staff,


We wanted to send a huge thank you for all the hard work that you put into the dancing year and recital.  It was so very much appreciated...Happy 10th Anniversary!  We heard so many positive comments from other people during intermission and after the show - please keep up the great work!



What a wonderful day.  Thank you so much for making our first year in dance a terrific experience.  I have no idea how you all managed to make everything work so smoothly.  Kudos to all that put in the extra time and effort.  It was such a fun matinee performance and we were really happy all year with Mr Ryan and Mr Travis.


Hello Miss Teresa,


Congratulations on your tenth year in Guelph!


Just wanted to say thank you to the PDA team for your hard work in putting up such a wonderful evening for all of us!


 It was very well organized and was a pleasure to watch a wide range of students perform. 


One year went by so quickly and our daughter  simply had a wonderful learning and growing experience at PDA. 


We look forward to another year full of fun and great learning opportunity.


Thank you once again!





Hello ladies ad gents,

I just wanted to take a moment and say,THANK YOU! The recital shows were wonderful today. I know its a crazy busy day, week... Probably month or so leading up to recital for you all. Your hard work and dedication to providing a wonderful show, great choreography and happy children truly showed today.

Thank you for all you do for the dancers and us parents! Its so easy to enjoy the show (even when you are your child's PA) because you keep it so well organized.

Bravo to all of you.

Much appreciation for all that you all do,